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WELCOME TO inumi.ch

Your search for the best dog food ist over!

Dogs love the Inumi food. With high amounts of Swiss meat and through gentle production methods, our dog food is an experience for any dog.

Good compatibility

Inumi offers a variety of high quality of dog food for a balanced nutrition. Plus, many of our products do not mix multiple sources of animal protein.


We offer you high class dog food for every need: Whether you’re looking for something with no grains, single protein source, nutrient-rich natural additives or something specially for a specific dog age – you’ll find with us, what you’re looking for. Plus: We are happy to make any additional wishes for dog food come true.


We are specialising on pet food that are not purchasable anywhere else in Switzerland. We want you to decide over the diet of your dog, not the market. We are as individual as your sweetie!

The company behind Inumi

We are a startup company aiming to revolutionize the Swiss nutrition market, beginning with the humans best friend: the dog.
But our focus lies not only in supplying dog owners with high class dog food. We also care a lot about offering the best service.

The values we seek: Individuality, Value, Sustainability and Swissness.

Our main product is Swiss Feed - semi dry complete feed with chicken and potatoes, collagen and green tea extract - produced by our partner SwissFeed Valor AG. Our mutual mission is it, to make sure every dog owners has access to this healthy and life changing food. But also we want to enable our clients to purchase other high class food for their dogs in the same procedure.